CRCA Announces 2012 Scholar Athletes

May 22, 2012

The Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) announces the scholar atheletes for the 2012 season.  All student-athletes who achieved the criteria described below have been named CRCA National Scholar-Athlete.

• The student-athlete has met all eligibility rules as defined by her institution
  • The student-athlete was in her 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of eligibility
• The student-athlete rowed in her institution's NCAA or IRA eligible boat(s) for a minimum of  75% of the current spring races or racing in a regional conference event.
• The Head Coach of the student-athletes institution was a member in good standing of the CRCA as of May 1, 2012.

• The student-athlete has had a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher for her career (through the fall semester/quarter for the current competition year).
First Name Last name Institution Majors Division  
Lauren Beebe Boston College Political Science DI  
Alexis Carriere Boston College Nursing DI  
Emily Charnowski Boston College Psychology & Theology DI  
Sarah Loiselle Boston College Economics & Political Science DI  
Rachel Pettis Boston College Art History DI  
Stephanie Ragland Boston College History DI  
Katrina Lyter Boston University Business Administration DI  
Megan Gorman Brown University Human Biology DI  
Sardis Harward Brown University Anthropology/ Pre-Med DI  
Elizabeth Hutsell Brown University Cognitive Science DI  
Samantha Miller Brown University American History DI  
Camilla Polakoff Brown University Political Science DI  
Beatrice Sims Brown University Computer Science DI  
Laura Stumhofer Brown University Political Science DI  
Katherine Anderson Bucknell University Religion DI  
Emily  Gladstone Bucknell University Chemical Engineering DI  
Anne Goldman Bucknell University Undecided DI  
Jillian O'Mara Bucknell University Biology/French DI  
Nicole  Pilling Bucknell University Economics/International Relations DI  
Sarah Riessen Bucknell University Undecided DI  
Katharine Watson Bucknell University Economics/Spanish DI  
Laura Basadonna Clemson University Pre-Business DI  
Rebecca Brown Clemson University Bioengineering DI  
Marissa Henry Clemson University Language and International Trade DI  
Taylor Hoynacki Clemson University Communications DI  
Jacklyn Kovach Clemson University Bioengineering DI  
Katharine Mosier Clemson University Marketing DI  
Breanne Przestrzelski Clemson University Bioengineering DI  
Kathleen Scibelli Clemson University Animal and Veternary Sciences DI  
Jillian Anderson Colgate University Japanese and International Relations DI  
Natalie Bauman Colgate University Economics and Spanish DI  
Katie Johnescu Colgate University Biology and Environmental Sciences DI  
Annie Laurie Hines Colgate University International Relations and Economics DI  
Macy Warren Colgate University Psycology DI  
Katherine Broderick College of the Holy Cross Biology DI  
Bethany Charron College of the Holy Cross Biology DI  
Jillian Sollazzo College of the Holy Cross Psychology DI  
Judy Amsalem Cornell University Natural Resources DI  
Margaret Cook Cornell University Nutritional Sciences DI  
Tracy  Eisser Cornell University French, Sociology DI  
Jeannette Friedman Cornell University Science of Natural and Environmental Systems DI  
Anna Psiaki Cornell University Near Eastern Studies DI  
Katie Dougherty Creighton University Biology/Philosophy DI  
Kayla  Heimerman Creighton University Economics DI  
Christine  Koehler Creighton University Nursing DI  
Hayley Pilcher Creighton University Nursing DI  
Laura Jo Washle Creighton University Finance/Entrepreneurship DI  
Shawna Watanabe Creighton University Undeclared/Pharmacy DI  
Sarah Cohan Dartmouth College Economics DI  
Hayley Daniell Dartmouth College French DI  
Sarah  Kler Dartmouth College Geography DI  
Gabrielle Mezochow Dartmouth College History DI  
Paige Monborne Dartmouth College Psychology DI  
Sarah Rutter Dartmouth College English DI  
Maya Schechter Dartmouth College Geography DI  
Tori Arendt Duke University Biology DI  
Sarah Baker Duke University Cultural Anthropology DI  
Katie Burke Duke University Psychology DI  
Rory Erickson-Kulas Duke University Public Policy DI  
Elizabeth Howell Duke University Neuroscience DI  
Emily Theys Duke University Sociology DI  
Taylor Cyr Eastern Michigan University Psychology DI  
Cady Griffin Eastern Michigan University Social Studies DI  
Mary Keener Eastern Michigan University Sports Management DI  
Avery Adams Fairfield University International Business and Finance DI  
Alison Bishop Fairfield University Nursing DI  
Molly Graffam Fairfield University Biochemistry DI  
Elizabeth  Kavanagh Fairfield University Nursing DI  
Jenn Amoroso Fordham University Undecided DI  
Celine Egraz Fordham University Communications DI  
Megan Sullivan Fordham University English DI  
Meredith Bennett George Mason University Business - Marketing DI  
Madison Beumer George Mason University Business - Marketing DI  
Lauren Abrams Georgetown University Chemistry DI  
Jackie Fogarty Georgetown University Linguistics and Spanish DI  
Sydney LeGuyader Georgetown University Human Science DI  
Mikaela Medeiros Georgetown University Marketing and International Business DI  
Sarah Atkins Gonzaga University Nursing DI  
Naseeb Bhangal Gonzaga University Psychology DI  
Madison Keaty Gonzaga University Sport Management DI  
Malori McGill Gonzaga University Business Administration DI  
Anna Olson Gonzaga University Computer Science DI  
Jill Carlson Harvard University Classics DI  
Scout Moran Harvard University Government DI  
Laura Savarese Harvard University History DI  
Deva Steketee Harvard University Romance Languages & Literature DI  
Kirsten Van Fossen Harvard University Engineering Sciences DI  
Katie Wilcox Harvard University History & Science DI  
Kelly  Bainbridge Indiana University History DI  
Cara  Donley Indiana University Elementary Education DI  
Kim Gilmour Indiana University Fitness Specialist DI  
Rachel  Griffin Indiana University Recreational Therapy DI  
Kathryn Laine Indiana University Exercise Science DI  
Elles  Niessen Indiana University Nursing DI  
Jaclyn Riedel Indiana University Exercise Science DI  
Shifumi  Terasaka Indiana University Psychology DI  
Ann  Thompson Indiana University Political Science, French minor DI  
Kaitlyn Arrow Kansas State Business Management DI  
Weatherly Butler Kansas State Economics/MBA DI  
Allison Dorau Kansas State Elementary Education DI  
Danielle Glynn Kansas State Modern Language/Secondary Ed. DI  
Lea Hauldren Kansas State Sociology DI  
Adria Ley Kansas State Modern Language DI  
Traci Smiley Kansas State Nutrition & Kinesiology DI  
Amanda Weishaar Kansas State Mass Communications & PR DI  
Hanna Wiltfong Kansas State Mass Communications & PR DI  
P-K Carey-Jones Loyola Marymount University Spanish DI  
Catriona Miller Loyola University Maryland History DI  
Jennifer Delisle Marist College Accounting DI  
Jennifer Guzzardi Marist College Criminal Justice DI  
Margaret Kolb Marist College Business Administration DI  
Victoria Mather Marist College English DI  
Taylor Mullaney Marist College English DI  
Kimberly Orzech Marist College Biomedical Sciences DI  
Breeanne  Rodriguez Marist College Psych Special Education DI  
Ayla  Rosen Marist College Fashion Design and Merchandise DI  
Flavia Siclovan Marist College Business Administration DI  
Marissa Soprano Marist College Social Studies-Education DI  
Michelle Campbell Michigan State University Communications DI  
Abigail Christiansen Michigan State University Human Biology DI  
Alicia DiMauro Michigan State University Kinesiology DI  
Monica  LaPointe Michigan State University Physiology DI  
Shelby Motoligin Michigan State University Animal Science DI  
Michelle Sosa Michigan State University Kinesiology DI  
Breanne Walkowiak Michigan State University Kinesiology DI  
Samantha Hartzell MIT Civil & Environmental Engineering DI  
Rebecca Heywood MIT Civil Engineering DI  
Erin Meyer MIT Mechanical Engineering DI  
Tess Saxton-Fox MIT Mechanical Engineering DI  
Allison Simi MIT Chemical Engineering DI  
Hannah  Andrew Northeastern University Anthropology DI  
Corinne Austin Northeastern University Political Science DI  
Olivia Blake Northeastern University Speech Pathology DI  
Kathryn Conway Northeastern University Biology DI  
Katherine Halbig Northeastern University Psychology DI  
Greta Haselmann Northeastern University Chemistry DI  
Stephanie Kley Northeastern University Anthropology DI  
Kelsey Mancini Northeastern University Physical Therapy DI  
Lyda  Sallaway Northeastern University Mechanical Engineering DI  
Clare Samuelson Northeastern University Psychology DI  
Grace Schwartz Northeastern University BioChemistry DI  
Lauren  Terris Northeastern University International Affairs DI  
Lauren Todd Northeastern University Criminal Justice / Pre Law DI  
Ulrike  Denker Ohio State University Accounting DI  
Claudia  Herpertz Ohio State University Psychology DI  
Corinne Meinert Ohio State University Environmental Sciences DI  
Emily Ralph Ohio State University Engineering DI  
Claudia Schiwy Ohio State University Hospitality Management DI  
Lin Hill Oregon State University Athletic Training DI  
Beth Lewis Oregon State University Spanish DI  
Lauren Morgenthaler Oregon State University Sociology DI  
Alexa Ortiz Oregon State University Zoology DI  
Hilary Polis Oregon State University Environmental Economics and Policy DI  
Melissa Sloan Oregon State University Environmental Science DI  
Leslie Urban Oregon State University Geography DI  
Christina Vernazza Oregon State University Nutrition DI  
Ahsen Cebeci       Princeton University Philosophy DI  
Kelly Pierce Princeton University History DI  
Heidi Robbins Princeton University Ecology and Evolutionary Biology DI  
Julia Dawidowicz Rutgers University Accounting DI  
Katherine Geithman Rutgers University Political Science/ Psychology DI  
Emily Nowlin Rutgers University Nutritional Sciences DI  
Katie Quinn Rutgers University Criminal Justice/ Sociology DI  
Brittany Somers Rutgers University Psychology DI  
Kara Trivolis Rutgers University Criminal Justice DI  
Caitlin Brennan Sacramento State Kinesiology DI  
Tess Heidig Sacramento State Nursing DI  
Kari Sly Sacramento State Business DI  
Haley Adama Saint Mary's (CA) Business Administration DI  
Brandynne Cho Saint Mary's (CA) Mathematics DI  
Alexandra Iwaszewicz Saint Mary's (CA) Multiple Subject (Grad student) DI  
Nathalie Lambrecht Saint Mary's (CA) Health Science DI  
Katherine Wahl Saint Mary's (CA) Accounting DI  
Jennifer Miller San Diego State University Marketing DI  
Marissa Shaw San Diego State University Nursing DI  
Melissa Giorgi Santa Clara University Sociology DI  
Emily Carstens Southern Methodist Pre-med/dental DI  
Christina Bax Stanford University Undeclared DI  
Sarah Bolmer Stanford University Chemical Engineering DI  
Alison Fauci Stanford University Undeclared DI  
Claire Grover Stanford University American Studies DI  
Marielle Higgins Stanford University Human Biology DI  
Jenna  Levy Stanford University Science, Technology & Society DI  
Daphne Martschenko Stanford University Undeclared DI  
Rebecca Soja Syracuse University Architecture DI  
Miranda Williams Syracuse University Psychology DI  
Chelsea  Burns The University of Texas at Austin Communications Sciences & Disorders - Audiology DI  
Rachel Donnelly The University of Texas at Austin Sociology/Plan I Honors DI  
Jessica Glennie The University of Texas at Austin Architecture DI  
Sarah Pedersen The University of Texas at Austin History DI  
Katarina Susac The University of Texas at Austin Marketing DI  
Tea Vrtlar The University of Texas at Austin Civil Engineering DI  
Katherine Ashton U.S. Naval Academy Mechanical Engineering DI  
Hannah Dildine U.S. Naval Academy Aerospace Engineering DI  
Christina Lanouette U.S. Naval Academy Ocean Engineering DI  
Catherine Oakley U.S. Naval Academy Oceanography DI  
Jacqueline Penichet U.S. Naval Academy Systems Engineering DI  
Michaela Bilotta U.S. Naval Academy  English DI  
Victoria Babson UCLA Communication Studies DI  
Carolina Paini UCLA Global Studies/ French DI  
Danielle Carlino University at Buffalo Social Science Interdisciplinary BA DI  
Shannon David University at Buffalo Pyschology BA DI  
Rosa Kemp University at Buffalo Exercise Science BS DI  
Kaitlyn  Koscielniak University at Buffalo Speech and Hearing Science BA DI  
Kylie Lewis University at Buffalo Management BA DI  
Hannah Miller-Selzer University at Buffalo Social Science Interdisciplinary BA DI  
Ashley  West University of  Connecticut Pre Pharmacy DI  
Erika  Baranek University of Alabama Comm. Studies/Computer Tech. DI  
Tabitha Coleman University of Alabama Biology DI  
Jessica Parker University of Alabama Biology DI  
Canella Tinker University of Alabama Human Perform. Exercise Science DI  
Stephanie Varner University of Alabama Electrical Engineering DI  
Rachel Ersted University of California, Berkeley Undeclared DI  
Maggie Simpson University of California, Berkeley English DI  
Shelby Flynn University of Central Florida Art DI  
Heather Hart University of Central Florida Finance DI  
Calena Illan University of Central Florida Psychology DI  
Kara  Johannesen University of Central Florida Anthropology DI  
Margaret Lahmeyer University of Central Florida Interdisciplinary Studies DI  
Chelsey  Lauzon University of Central Florida Elementary Education DI  
Adrienne Barrett University of Connecticut Animal Science DI  
Kaitlyn  Clarke University of Connecticut Biomedical Engineering DI  
Charlotte Kelley University of Connecticut Allied Health Sciences DI  
Brittanie Reinold University of Connecticut Landscape Architecture DI  
Sara Trevisani University of Connecticut Physiology and Neurobiology DI  
Hillary Wiles-Lafayette University of Connecticut Ecology and Evolutionary Biology DI  
Michele Baeder University of Dayton Pre-Physical Therapy DI  
Nicole Baeder University of Dayton Marketing DI  
Katherine Bruening University of Dayton Pre-Medicine DI  
Elizabeth Eckstein University of Dayton Marketing DI  
Catherine Hocin University of Dayton Intervention Specialist DI  
Lauren Jabir University of Dayton Early Childhood Education DI  
Kerri Kramer University of Dayton Mechanical Engineering DI  
Haley Murrell University of Dayton Dietetics DI  
Erin Quinn University of Dayton History DI  
Sierra Schmitt University of Dayton Photography DI  
Alexandra VanLoon University of Dayton International Studies & Spanish DI  
Jordan Vellky University of Dayton Biology DI  
Sadie Wonders University of Dayton Accounting DI  
Julia Cagney University of Delaware Math/Computer Science DI  
Kristen Endres University of Delaware Pre-Vet & Animal Biosciences DI  
Dianna Levin University of Delaware Marketing DI  
AnneMarie Bernhard University of Iowa Health & Human Physiology DI  
Morgan  Dunham University of Louisville Exercise Sports Sciences DI  
Kayla Kroninger University of Louisville Exercise Sport Science DI  
Kayta  Monchenko University of Louisville Economics DI  
Lauren Proctor-Brown University of Louisville Equine Business DI  
Hannah Ritter University of Louisville Computer Information Sciences DI  
Amy Van Syoc University of Louisville Communications DI  
Breanna Hayton University of Miami Engineering DI  
Dani Yuska University of Miami Nursing DI  
Julia Darnton University of Michigan Psychology DI  
Nicole Dressler University of Michigan Economics & Political Science DI  
Lindsey Healy University of Michigan Movement Science DI  
Emily Idoni University of Michigan Business Administration DI  
Colleen Macke University of Michigan Biology & German DI  
Katie  Anderson University of Minnesota Elementary Education DI  
Caitlin Boon University of Minnesota Applied Kines, Sports Management DI  
Molly  Kalmoe University of Minnesota Phisiology & Ecology/Evolution Bio DI  
Rebecca Kinchen University of Minnesota Mechanical Engineering DI  
Emilie Sabourin University of Minnesota Microbiology DI  
Rachel Sartor University of Minnesota Kinesiology DI  
Sarah Sobek University of Minnesota Math DI  
Katherine Windsor University of Minnesota Kinesiology DI  
Claire Wardius University of North Carolina Chapel Hill BA English DI  
Kelsey Haddad University of Notre Dame Civil Engineering DI  
Sarah McShane University of Notre Dame Mechanical Engineering DI  
Abby Meyers University of Notre Dame Economics and Mathematics DI  
Joanna Poinsatte University of Notre Dame Psychology DI  
Teresa Rubinger University of Notre Dame History and Political Science DI  
Danni Schneider University of Notre Dame Design DI  
Elizabeth Biggs University of Oklahoma Chemical Engineering DI  
Nicole Bladow University of Oklahoma International Studies DI  
Ivy Brown University of Oklahoma Health & Exercise Science DI  
Kristin Clift University of Oklahoma Microbiology DI  
Samantha Fahed University of Oklahoma Psychology (U)/Adult & Higher Ed (G) DI  
Nicole Furmanek University of Oklahoma Elementary Education DI  
Ally Gray University of Oklahoma Economics (U)/Adult & Higher Ed (G) DI  
Brooke Holleman University of Oklahoma Geography DI  
Katie Klassen University of Oklahoma Health & Exercise Science DI  
Marilyn Kozlowski University of Oklahoma Health & Exercise Science DI  
Maureen Lewis University of Oklahoma Zoology DI  
Kelsey O'Grady University of Oklahoma Anthropology DI  
Carly Schueler University of Oklahoma Zoology DI  
Brooke Sheppard University of Oklahoma HR Management/Finance DI  
Chelsea  Dommert University of Pennsylvania International Relations DI  
Cassi Henderson University of Pennsylvania Bioengineering DI  
Morgan Jones University of Pennsylvania English DI  
Kathryn Raynor University of Pennsylvania Anthropology DI  
Elizabeth Stulpin University of Pennsylvania Health & Societies DI  
Michelle Bolliger University of Portland Biology DI  
Molly Donahue University of Portland Nursing DI  
Katelyn Freund University of Portland Psychology DI  
Monica Kendall University of Portland Mathematics DI  
Lauren Mainero University of Portland Nursing DI  
Amanda Marques University of Portland Nursing DI  
Jamie Opra University of Portland Communication DI  
Sarah Ryan University of Portland Nursing DI  
Lauren  Carter  University of Rhode Island Marine Biology DI  
Caitlin Dowd University Of Rhode Island Pharmacy (in her fifth year of a six year program) DI  
Zoe  Gentes University Of Rhode Island Geological Oceanography DI  
Alyssa  Goley University Of Rhode Island Nursing DI  
Megan  O'Brien University Of Rhode Island Marine Biology, Resource Economics Minor and Honors Program. DI  
Chelsea Paulin University Of Rhode Island Nutrition DI  
Kelley  Woodacre University Of Rhode Island Landscape Architecture DI  
Ellycia Halden University of San Diego Business DI  
Kristin Jones University of San Diego Communications & French DI  
Hannah Patrick University of San Diego Psychology DI  
Melanie Grindle University of Southern California Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services DI  
Vineta  Moca University of Southern California Undeclared DI  
Mary  Trawick University of Southern California Communication, Journalism and Related Programs DI  
Jesse Burns University of Tennessee Psychology DI  
Rachel Clagett University of Tennessee Graphic Design DI  
Erika  Johnson University of Tennessee Biology DI  
Zoe Fleischmann University of Tulsa Chemistry DI  
Brooke Helmberger University of Tulsa Psychology/Biology DI  
Meredith Papps University of Tulsa Athletic Training DI  
Amanda Schenk University of Tulsa Sociology DI  
Elissa Stiles University of Tulsa Spanish/International Relations DI  
Ariel Tillou University of Tulsa Elementary Education DI  
Renee Vanasse University of Tulsa Economics DI  
Emily Wynn University of Tulsa English/Education DI  
Sarah Borchelt University of Virginia Nursing DI  
Molly Frear University of Virginia Italian  DI  
Madeline Johnston University of Washington Anthropology DI  
Veronica Tamsitt University of Washington Oceanography & Mathematics DI  
Katie  Hanes University of Wisconsin Sociology & English DI  
Hayley Leinss University of Wisconsin Nursing & Spanish DI  
Kendall Schmidt University of Wisconsin Civil Engineering DI  
Sara Watermolen University of Wisconsin Nursing DI  
Clara Candalor Villanova University History DI  
Tori Clay Villanova University Nursing DI  
Manuela Elizondo Villanova University Environmental Studies DI  
Abigail Mansch Villanova University Biology DI  
Morgan  Leach West Virginia University Occupational Therapy DI  
Hilary Meale West Virginia University Occupational Therapy DI  
Rachelle Purych West Virginia University Advertising DI  
Danika Rencken West Virginia University Nursing DI  
Courtney  Schrand West Virginia University Elementary Education - Special Ed DI  
Karen Verwey West Virginia University Criminology DI  
Margaret Ayers Yale University Biomedical engineering DI  
Brittany Bowman Yale University Psychology DI  
Kristen Brownlee Yale University Undeclared DI  
Dara Dickson Yale University Italian/Anthropology DI  
Nicole Grigg Yale University Archeology  DI  
Maddie  Lips Yale University Political Science DI  
Cathy  McDermott Yale University Psychology DI  
Jennifer  Feriozzi Barry University Exercise Physiology DII  
Renee Forcier Barry University Biology DII  
Courtney  Greene Barry University Exercise Physiology DII  
Kathleen OrRico Florida Tech Civil Engineering DII  
Jenna Philipp Florida Tech Aerospace Engineering DII  
Chyna Balonick Humbolt State University Kinesiology DII  
Laura Delross Humbolt State University Liberal Studies - Elementary Ed DII  
Rose Kelly Humbolt State University Env. Natural Resources Planning DII  
Jesse Merrifield Humbolt State University Forestry DII  
Karen Stufkosky Humbolt State University Environmental Resources Eng. DII  
Lauren Boudreau Nova Southeastern University Biology/Pre-Med DII  
Stephanie Hauck Nova Southeastern University Exercise Science DII  
Mallorie Reinecke Nova Southeastern University Education   DII  
Mary Costello Philadelphia University Physician Assistant DII  
Casey Watrous Philadelphia University Marketing DII  
Marie Weber Philadelphia University Fashion Merchandising DII  
Michelle Assaly Rollins College Psychology DII  
Seonag Doherty Rollins College Economics DII  
Kimberly Gossard Rollins College Marine Biology DII  
Kathryn Hoyer Rollins College Music DII  
Andrea Micci Rollins College Int. Business & Spanish DII  
Charlene Cheung University of California, San Diego Mechanical Engineering DII  
Alyssa Dixon-Word University of California, San Diego Human Biology DII  
Ellen Umeda University of California, San Diego Ecology, Biology and Evolution DII  
Deborah Amos University of Charleston Biology-Pre Med/Education DII  
Kelsey  Ash University of Charleston Biology-Pre Professional DII  
Chelsea  Mellen University of Charleston Psychology DII  
Brittany  Price University of Charleston Psychology DII  
Hannah Gallagher Western Washington University Environmental Policy DII  
Carson MacPherson-Krutsky Western Washington University Geology DII  
Megan Northey Western Washington University Kinesiology DII  
Gabriella Bilotta Bates College Spanish DIII  
Allison DiSalvo Bates College Biology DIII  
Lauren Hadiaris Bates College Politics DIII  
Alexandra Hill Bates College Sociology and Spanish DIII  
Molly Huffaker Bates College Sociology and French DIII  
Aisling Ryan Bates College Psychology DIII  
Haley Sive Bates College Geology DIII  
Dana Alasker Clark University History, Economics DIII  
Gen DeAngelis Clark University Psychology DIII  
Emily  Glaubitz Clark University Geography DIII  
Kathryn  Nowoswiat Clark University Sociology/Spanish DIII  
Samantha Thompson Clark University History DIII  
Allison Bolger Colby College Geology DIII  
Sophie Breene Hamilton College History DIII  
Dominique Paiement Hamilton College Psychology DIII  
Maureen Gildea Ithaca College Business Administration DIII  
Cassidy Goepel Ithaca College Clinical Health Studies, PT DIII  
Lindsey Hadlock Ithaca College CMD, Instructional Technology DIII  
Jamie Hom Ithaca College Anthropology DIII  
Kristen Levin Ithaca College Biology DIII  
Abigail Paulson Ithaca College Politics DIII  
Madison Vander Hill Ithaca College Environmental Studies DIII  
Tessa VanDerVeeken Ithaca College Clinical Exercise Science DIII  
Stephanie Zang Ithaca College Clinical Exercise Science DIII  
Francesca Goodstein Lewis & Clark Biochemistry/Molecular Biology DIII  
Laura Nash Lewis & Clark East Asian Studies/Studio Art DIII  
Leah Weston Lewis & Clark Biochemistry/Molecular Biology DIII  
Erin Yoshida Lewis & Clark Theatre/Mathematics DIII  
Kelli Barnette Marietta College Communications & Political Science DIII  
Abigail  Klicker Marietta College Political Science & Studio Art DIII  
Alyse McNeill Marietta College Biochemistry & Economics DIII  
Katherine Tedesco Marietta College History & Leadership Studies DIII  
Trisha Wendel Marietta College Environmental Science & Spanish DIII  
Lora ChauDavis Mills College Sociology/Anthropology; DIII  
Stephanie Der Mills College English; Ethnic Studies DIII  
Mary Moon Mills College Computer Science DIII  
Kate Smith Mills College Economics; Public Policy DIII  
Kathryn Young Mills College Environmental Studies DIII  
Daniella Acosta Mount Holyoke College Biology DIII  
Shaylyn Adams Mount Holyoke College Neuroscience/Computer DIII  
Cara  Murphy Mount Holyoke College Latin/Psychology DIII  
Michelle Olguin Mount Holyoke College Geology/Art Studio DIII  
Anne Preston Mount Holyoke College Biology DIII  
Rebekah Wieland Mount Holyoke College Biochemistry DIII  
Andrea Breen Simmons Psychology DIII  
Alison Carr Simmons Physical Therapy DIII  
Emily Hagens Simmons Nursing, Business Management DIII  
Diane McKiernan Simmons Environmental Chemistry DIII  
Audrey Purcell Simmons Biopsychology DIII  
Cynthia Reynolds Simmons Biology DIII  
Anna Rowse Simmons Environmental Science, Public Health DIII  
Emily VanSteenbergen Simmons Nursing DIII  
Emma Kimata Smith College Education and Child Study/Liberal Studies DIII  
Clare Landefeld Smith College Biology DIII  
Katherine  Miller Smith College Architecture DIII  
Lorna Pyle Smith College Neuroscience DIII  
Danielle Shelton Smith College Portuguese-Brazilian Studies DIII  
Beverly Turner Smith College Spanish/Philosophy DIII  
Emily Bower Trinity College English DIII  
Catherine Guariglia Trinity College Biology DIII  
Rose Lichtenfels Trinity College Political Science DIII  
Gwendolyn Schoch Trinity College Neuroscience DIII  
Jillian Zieff Trinity College Anthropology DIII  
Catherine Durand United States Coast Guard Academy Marine and Environmental Science DIII  
Judith Hooymans United States Coast Guard Academy Electrical Engineering DIII  
Stephanie  Jocis United States Coast Guard Academy Marine and Environmental Science DIII  
Holly Madden United States Coast Guard Academy Civil Engineering DIII  
Erin Nolan United States Coast Guard Academy Mechanical Engineering DIII  
Sarah Jane Otey United States Coast Guard Academy Marine and Environmental Science DIII  
Alyssa Turner United States Coast Guard Academy Marine and Environmental Science DIII  
Jessica Ward United States Coast Guard Academy Mechanical Engineering DIII  
Rachel Benders Washington College Economics major, Black studies minor DIII  
Kelsie Jensen Washington College Chemistry DIII  
Kendall Mulligan Washington College Art History DIII  
Carly  Ogren Washington College Business major, Spanish minor DIII  
Emily Sahadeo Washington College Chemistry DIII  
Abigail Thomas Washington College Biology DIII  
Aidan Chambers Wellesley College Biology DIII  
Conisha Cooper Wellesley College Psychology DIII  
Shernaz Dossabhoy Wellesley College German Studies DIII  
Kathryn Goffin Wellesley College Psychology DIII  
Senta Knuth Wellesley College Economics DIII  
Jennifer Lamy Wellesley College Economics/Environmental Science DIII  
Tess Ruderman Wellesley College Mathematics DIII  
Robin Cotter Wesleyan University Neuroscience & Behavior DIII  
Greer Dent Wesleyan University Religion DIII  
Alexandra  Galef Wesleyan University History DIII  
Emilie George Wesleyan University Neuroscience & Behavior DIII  
Yara Kass-Gergi Wesleyan University American Studies DIII  
Erin Kelly Wesleyan University Molecular Biology & Biochemistry and Science in Society DIII  
Hannah Korrevaar Wesleyan University   DIII  
Zoe Mueller Wesleyan University Urban Studies DIII  
Margo Tercek Wesleyan University English DIII  
Blair Davis Willamette University Economics DIII  
Karina Hoogstede Willamette University Politics DIII  
Gwen Hryciw Willamette University Biology DIII  
Lauren Blake-Whitney William Smith College American Studies and Teacher Certification Program DIII  
Katrina Paige William Smith College Dual major in Economics and Environmental Studies DIII  
Emily Shelden William Smith College Dual Major in Political Studies and Africana Studies with a minor in International Relations DIII  
Jess Steketee William Smith College Dual Major in Environmental Studies and Biology DIII  
Katherine  Amano Williams English and Psychology DIII  
Ashley Amos Williams History DIII  
Anna Hopkins Williams Biology and History DIII  
Jane McClellan Williams Economics DIII  
Lindsay Olsen Williams History DIII  
Emma Pelegri-O'Day Williams Chemistry DIII  
Sara Wallace Williams History and Arabic Studies DIII  
Fiona Wilkes Williams Economics, Political Science, German DIII  
Elisabeth Boulanger WPI Biomedical Engineering DIII  
Emily Johnson WPI Biochemistry DIII  
Suzanna Kelley WPI Biomedical Engineering DIII  
Macauley Kenney WPI Biomedical Engineering DIII  
Amy Loomis WPI Mechanical Engineering DIII  
Victoria Stratton WPI Chemical Engineering DIII  
Elizabeth  Aigler Bucknell University Political Science Lightweight  
Jennifer Fish Bucknell University Undecided Lightweight  
Hilary Strong Bucknell University Neurology Lightweight  
Claire Raskob Georgetown University International Politics Lightweight  
Clare Southern Georgetown University Government Lightweight  
Veronique Irwin Harvard University Sociology Lightweight  
Devi Lockwood Harvard University Folklore & Mythology Lightweight  
Emma Lukasiewicz Harvard University Psychology Lightweight  
Marissa Reichel Harvard University Sociology Lightweight  
Jordan Taylor Harvard University Economics Lightweight  
Maryana Vrubel Harvard University History Lightweight  
Lauren Ayers MIT Nuclear Science & Engineering Lightweight  
Emily Chen MIT Brain & Cognitive Sciences Lightweight  
Kathleen Inman MIT Mechanical Engineering Lightweight  
Nidhi Kulkarni MIT Computer Science & Engineering Lightweight  
Lauren McGough MIT Mathematics and Physics Lightweight  
Elizabeth Wei MIT Nuclear Science & Engineering Lightweight  
Megan Klyczek University at Buffalo Biomedical Sciences Int BS Lightweight  
Cornelia Willis University at Buffalo Asian Studies BA and Biological Sciences BS Lightweight  
Abigail Gorman University of Tulsa Speech Pathology Lightweight  
Lauren Mann University of Tulsa Graphic Design Lightweight  
Constance  Chucholowski University of Wisconsin International Studies/Political Science Lightweight  
Jessica Lund University of Wisconsin Biology & Environmental Studies Lightweight  
Jennifer Pavelec University of Wisconsin French & International Studies Lightweight  
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